02 Sep

Unpacking the packing process – tips and tricks

Unpacking the packing process – tips and tricks


Sourcing materials

There are all kinds of places to go to pick up the necessary boxes, tape and packing materials to pack all your belongings. Ebay and Gumtree constantly have offers of cheap packing boxes, sometimes even free to those who are willing to go and collect. But before you jump in the car to drive 20 miles in rush hour traffic just to save a few pennies, it’s worth pausing to think about two things. First there’s the false economy. Receiving something for free will always feel like a win but have you really saved that much after you factor in travel costs, hassle and time? Then there’s the second thing, time. Perhaps more than most large scale projects, moving house will take up a lot of time which in many cases you won’t have. Even if you are saving a considerable amount by sourcing your own materials, does that saving justify the time investment?

Sourcing your packing materials from your storage company will not only cut out a large amount of hassle but the staff will also be able to fairly accurately advise you on how much you need, not just number of boxes but also the range of sizes depending on your belongings. Running out of boxes before you finish is far from ideal but equally, being left with a mass of cardboard that you don’t need is just one more thing to store or to dispose of.


Once you’ve got everything you need, now begins the mammoth task of getting everything in. Steady and methodical is the best approach here. Pick the order you want to go through the house and go room-by-room. Start with the rooms that contain the things you use least often and work up.  Make a list of the order you want to go in and after each room is finished, cross it of the list. Not many people enjoy packing and it can be a grinding task. Seeing the list gradually shrink down will combat the feeling that you’re not getting anywhere.

Sort as you go

Packing is also a great opportunity to sort through your belongings to declutter. We’ve all got things that we’ve been meaning to get rid of and things that we really should let go but haven’t been able to so far. You’ll be going through all your belongings as you pack anyway so it’s perhaps the best opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and keep a “give-away” box nearby to sort as you go. This of course has the added bonus of reducing the capacity of whatever removal solution you are using.

Know your own strength

Some of us like to think we’re stronger than we are. And some of us don’t realise our mistake until we’ve pulled a back muscle. Keep weight in mind as you pack each and every box. Don’t just test-lift every box when they’re full but also think about where you may be carrying them. Is there a long walk to the van at either end? How many flights of stairs are you going to have to navigate? In each case it’s better to be safe than sorry, more boxes that weigh less is far better than the alternative.

However, if you don’t have the time to take a methodical approach, think about bringing in the experts. A good storage company will have either packing services or partnerships with a firm that does. Speak to them about the options and perhaps you can tick the whole house off with one phone call.