26 Aug

Need storage? Find the site and service that fits best

Need storage? Find the site and service that fits best


There are many reasons that you might need to put some or all of your belongings somewhere safe and accessible for a while. Are you moving house and have a gap between moving out of your old place and into your new? Are you downsizing for a short time but don’t want to get rid of furniture that you’ll need later down the line? Maybe you’re in the process of selling and just want to declutter a little for those all-important estate agent pictures. Whatever the reason, there may be far more options available to you than you realise.

Fit for purpose

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all storage companies work to a standard offering. Although there are many common options that you’ll find everywhere, there is also a lot that varies. This is perhaps no more apparent than when it comes to unit sizes. And not just sizes but shape too. The latter might seem irrelevant but when it comes to working out what you need, it’s important to factor in the size and dimensions of your larger items in particular. Presumably you’ll check that they fit in but don’t forget to also consider how other items and boxes will fit in around them. This is particularly important if you are going to need to regularly access some of your belongings while they’re in storage.

A good storage company will not only provide the volume and dimensions of their units but also offer to invite you to visit and see units before you rent anything. Take this offer whenever it’s given and if it’s not, ask for it. This may not immediately seem important but getting a feel for how your things will fit in will make the whole process much easier. It could also save you a lot if you realise that you can take a smaller space than you first anticipated.

Run the numbers

The size of your storage unit isn’t the only way that costs could change for you. Although every storage unit will have a minimum required insurance cover you’ll need to take out, that minimum will vary. Equally, the insurance premium for each band of insurance cover will fluctuate with each storage company. Be sure to find out what the varying bands are for each level of cover at storage companies you’re interested in. Then compare these against each other.

It’s also standard practise in the industry to offer introductory discounts for new customers. These Not only are all the discounts slightly different but they all appeal to different customer needs. A large first month discount is great if you’re only going to be using your unit for a short time, but if you know that your belongings will be stored away for a long time, then a smaller but longer spanning discount may well be much more cost effective in the long term.

The key factors that everyone considers like location, opening times, and collection/delivery services are naturally very important but these extra tips just give you an overview of some other important considerations that will affect how well your storage solution matches your needs. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution now or in several months’ time, start talking to companies sooner rather than later. You might be surprised about how much you haven’t considered.