19 Aug

Moving home: A step by step guide

Moving home: A step by step guide


The stress and hassle of moving home, like so much in life, can be neutralised with a little forethought and some timely actions. Here are the essential things to think about.

Book a removal firm

As soon as you have your moving date, perhaps even before, do your research on the best removal firm to meet your needs. Not only will you be able to get the best price if you take the time to call around long in advance, but you are likely to solve a number of other things on your to-do list when you’ve selected your remover. The best operators will be able to advise and sometimes supply you with any storage you need, help plan the logistics of the day and in even provide a packing service if you need it.

Schedule your packing

For those doing all the packing themselves, last-minute should be the last option. There’s no need to get everything done weeks in advance but a good plan of what will be done and when will ease a lot of pressure. Make a list of the order in which you’ll be packing and stick it up on the fridge. Put a date against each item and when they’re done, cross them off. The format this takes will vary widely but for everyone the considerations are similar:

  • What can be packed long in advance?
  • How much is fragile and needs extra care?
  • What can be done solo and what will need extra help?
  • What will be needed right up until move day?
  • What will be needed first after the move?

Make a need-to-know list

This isn’t just the usual utilities and bank changes. Think about the subscriptions that are sent to your home, the family and friends who send birthday and Christmas cards, even the local newsagent that delivers the daily paper. It’s likely that it wont be possible to change some until very close to the move but if you start your list long in advance, the chances of missing someone out will be much lower.

“Non-essential” essentials

If you’ve done all of the above then when it comes to the night before, you should be able to relax and reflect on the happy memories that live in the home you’re saying goodbye to. This in turn will then allow you to get a good night’s sleep. We hear all the time about how important sleep is but this is never truer than on the night before a big and long day.

Even after a good rest the night before, there’s little doubt that moving day may well be a very long one. So plan dinner in advance. By the time you get to sitting down after it’s all done, the thought of cooking will be the last thing you’ll want to entertain. Whether it’s finding out the best local pub or restaurant to go to for dinner or sourcing a good nearby pizza delivery place, have a game plan for kicking back to refuel at the end of the day even before it has begun.