12 Jun

New van – Removals Bristol

New van – Removals Bristol

We are excited and glad to report we have recently grown and have acquired an addition to our armada. Our new removals van is new and prepared for work.

As we have added to our vehicular force we are currently ready to handle more removals Bristol.

The new van will in the end get sign printed and we can have all vehicles in uniform. We are at present choosing the best method and afterward attempt to discover a suitable organization to give the work to.

If you have any proposals then please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think or in the event that you know of organizations that can give a decent quality spray painting or alternative choices then we would love to know.

Our Bristol removals base is gradually expanding and everybody from the We Like 2 Move It group want to thank the greater part of our clients who have decided to utilize our services and their continued backing.

13 Apr

Online packaging store coming soon! – Removals Bristol

Online packaging store coming soon! – Removals Bristol

We are proud to say that we are very close to launching our online store!

The final preparations are being made to make the online shop fully functional. The idea is to have all your packaging needs available to purchase online and delivered to you well in advance of your actual house move. We will be restricting it to Bristol customers at first, due to it being connected to our removals company being based in Bristol. Once we have a good flow of custom for online orders we will look to be providing packaging materials to the rest of the UK.

The prices are going to be cheaper for our Bristol removals customers and depending on urgency of order or the convenience to us we may be able to deliver for free.

On that note we are looking for the most cost effective method to sending packaging materials out to people. Once we have decided we will then fully activate the online shop.

The products that will be available on launch will include removals boxes of varying sizes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, wardrobe boxes and marker pens. Product list will increase with time. If you have any suggestions as to what you may want to see us include in the product range, then please feel free to contact us.

Please have a look around and see what is to come. The shop is not fully functioning and you cannot buy anything as we have disabled it. You will also notice that it seems unfinished, that is because it is… We hope to have the shop fully finished by the end of April so keep an eye out.

Obviously buying boxes and tape is not the most exciting prospect in the world but at least it is handy.


26 Feb

Welcome to the new We Like 2 Move It removals blog

Welcome to the new We Like 2 Move It removals blog

We have just launched our removals blog and will be adding some interesting things now and then.

There will be news updates as well as guides on all your removals needs!

What to expect from removal companies and what they expect of you…

We hope you find the information useful and from everyone here at the We Like 2 Move It team wish you all the best with your move.