12 Aug

Britons leave the UK over Britain leaving Europe

Britons leave the UK over Britain leaving Europe


Research carried out in the removals industry over the past 3 years has revealed that it’s not just non-UK citizens who are leaving the country since the referendum. A study carried out by industry experts has shown that over half of all overseas moves since 2016 have been as a direct result of the referendum. Tens of thousands of Britons leave the UK each year to settle abroad and in one company case study, 53% of these have chosen to leave because of our separation with Europe.

Interestingly, the more popular destinations for this group have not been countries in Europe but further afield. America and Australia are at the top of the list with Canada and New Zealand being notably popular too.

The market impact

As more statistics are published, commentators are speculating about the impact this will have on the moving industry. Many companies that are already operating international moves are seeing surges in business and those that hadn’t been are gearing up to do so in order to tap into this growing market. The opportunity is two-fold too as the number of EU citizens who are uncertain about what Brexit will mean for their future are also moving back to the continent in large numbers.

The interesting paradox, according to some, is that while the growth in this line of business is healthy for removal firms, the increased competition in the marketplace means that it is becoming a buyers’ market. With more competition, prices become more competitive as consumers have far more options to choose from than they would have had in previous years. Whether such changes will be a short term blip or have a longer term effect on the industry will only become clear as time goes on.

Caution advised

Industry bodies are asking that both operators and consumers exercise caution during this time. For businesses, it is essential that they don’t rush into a marketplace before they are logistically ready. It’s not just the resource capacity, but also the understanding of the rules and regulations they’ll need to follow if stepping up to international moves. The cost of mistakes, particularly when abroad, can far outweigh the increased revenue from greater business.

On the consumer side, the appeal of a keen quote can distract from checking out the experience and ability of a company to deliver. People are being advised to remain diligent in checking out the necessaries of a removal company before entering into an agreement. Anyone unsure of the requirements should check this out with their estate agents both in the UK and their destination. And however useful this information, it always pays to engage a company that’s accredited by The British Association of Removers to ensure quality and diligence.