How do we move you whilst keeping you and our staff safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

What Happens to the House?

Fully trained cleaning staff will go from room to room making sure the cleaning agent is adequately dispensed so the chemicals can do their work and kill any nasty bacteria including but not limited to coronavirus, E. Coli and Influenza.

What protection do the staff have?

All members of our team have their temperature checked on the day before entering your home and will arrive in full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) including protective over clothes,masks, over shoes and gloves.

What chemicals are used?
The cleaning agent is effective in fighting bacteria within 5 minutes of being released, cleaning and disinfecting your home with a non bleach formula which is even safe for food preparation areas.

What do we do with vehicles and equipment?

All vehicles and equipment are thoroughly cleaned with virus killing agents, before and after every job. This ensures that no potential contamination can transfer from one move to another.

Antiviral Disinfection Fogging

What do we do?

As we are all well aware Coronavirus Covid-19 is spreading devastation over our daily life and communities as we know it and major changes have been implemented.

In order to be able to move you safely, We Like 2 Clean It come to your property and use a fogging process to eradicate any airborne pathogens, the mist will then settle on the surfaces killing 99.99% of germs and viruses. Furthermore they clean our removals vehicles and the tools and equipment we use.

When it comes to moving our movers are in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Every move they are supplied with fresh PPE to insure no to further ensure no cross contamination from move to move, keeping everyone safe.

There is more detailed information about the fogging process at We Like 2 Clean It Bristol based cleaning company.

We are committed to operating in a responsible and safe manner, if you would like to discuss a move or simply would like advice and more information please feel free to contact us.